Our biodynamic eggs are sourced from Karin and Christian Petersen's Birkelund farm. The couple feeds their hens exclusively with biodynamic feed. They are constantly improving their chicken run by planting different types of trees and shrubs, which not only make the area more attractive to their hens, but also more attractive to insects and wild birds. At Birkelund, the holistic approach also permeates through the entire farm.


Biodynamic farmers must comply with all of the organic regulations in place and are also inspected by the state. Demeter-approved farms must also meet all of the biodynamic Demeter regulations, which are set by the Demeter organization.

Demeter farming standards relate to practices including:

• Longer conversion time of a yield before Demeter approval

• There must be domestic animals on the farm or farming cooperative, primarily ruminants (cows, sheep or goats)

• The animals may only be fed biodynamically and organically grown, not conventionally grown

• Calves and cows may not be dehorned 

• Slurry from conventional farming may not be used as a fertilizer

• Biodynamic preparations must be added to compost and fields every year

• Plants may not be irradiated with UV light

For Demeter approved products, a number of qualitative standards apply in addition to the organic standards, so the nutritional value in the biodynamic raw ingredients is best preserved during processing, among others:

• Dairy products must be non-homogenised

• Grain may not be ground in a hammermill, but should preferably be ground in a stone grinder 

• Only 11 E numbers are permitted, as opposed to 42 in organic products

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Basic info

Net weight: 160 g
Produced: Denmark