Agrain®, Danish-made everyday products are made from spent grains. Spent grains are the malted and mashed grains used to brew beer and whisky. Once the brewery has pulled the sugars out of the barley grains to ferment the beer, they have nothing more to use the grains for. This is where Agrain® takes over the spent grains. Agrain® works with Danish organic microbreweries to collect their excess spent grains.

We process the raw material into Agrain® Super Grain Flour that contains 100% spent grains. Our process is very gentle, and compared to ordinary Danish produced organic wheat flour, 36% less CO2 is emitted in the production of spent grains flour. 

Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water and tea. Worldwide, 200 billion liters of beer are brewed annually, resulting in about 42 million tons of spent grains. 

By upcycling spent grains from beer and whisky production we give the malted and mashed spent grains a second chance, thus we help to reduce the massive food loss. We offer new tasty and healthy everyday products to the consumers and give everyone the opportunity to take the climate agenda with them in their food-shopping. For every 100 kg of Agrain® Super Grain Flour we save the environment 24-44 kg of CO2 more than other climate-friendly flour products. 

Agrain® Super Grain Flour is nutrient-dense. 100g of Super Grain Flour contains 20g of protein and 50g of dietary fibers. Good for digestion and a better satiety. Add 10-15% spent grain flour to your bread, just like when baking with regular whole grains, and raise the fiber level by up to 70%!

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