Thise Mejeri amba

Bernstein Grubé Cheese

Organic semi-hard cheese 48% Fat in dry matter

“Bernstein” means amber in English, and ”Grubé” is a limestone cave, and that´s basic what the cheese is: an Amber cheese which is ripened at an old limestone cave in the small town of Hjerm, Denmark. The humidity within the cave means, that the taste is significantly different that the normal “Amber Cheese” stored at our dairy. The “Bernstein Grubé” cheese is softer, due to the fact that the water do not evaporate to the same extent as normal, and the taste is deeper, more distinctive and richer.

The cheese is stored for min. 20 weeks, some of which in an old lime stone cave.

The Swedes have their “Grevé” cheese, but now the Danes have a “Grubé” cheese.



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