Biosund ApS

Biosund ApS

BioSund ApS is a subsidiary of Rosa Danica A/S. In 2017, BioSund was approved for organic production of potted plants and has since then been working with product development as a goal. We have produced various species and varieties of potted organic plants, carefully selected for growth, taste, health and durability. These organic vegetables are grown in a recyclable pot made of paper, that can easily be planted into the soil, and will break down itself without affecting the nature. The plants are grown in greenhouses and produced in organic sphagnum. We water with collected rainwater together with organic plant extracts which creates growth for the plant. All plants are preventively treated with biological pest control against harmful insects. To strengthen the plant’s defense against fungal diseases Biostimulants are used in the production process. Qualified gardeners take daily care of the organic production of vegetables to ensure that they grow into a healthy and sustainable plant.

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