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High&GoGo Milk Powder from DENPS Product News

High&GoGo Milk Powder from DENPS

Clean recipe: a clean environment, clean ingredients, and clean formulation.Food for healthy and balanced growthHigh&GoGo Milk Powder supports the growth of children aged 3 to 14. 99% of the product is composed of Organic Milk Powder from Danish clean organic dairy. The remaining is Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP) extracted from…

Ægte Studio Product News

Ægte Studio

Ægte Studio is a Danish company that produces 100% organic, sustainable and vegan-friendly 'poptails'. A poptail is the result of a fusion between the sophisticated craftsmanship of cocktails and the soothing and refreshing traits of an alcopop. Born from the idea that the alcohol industry is shaped by artificial ingredients…

Confessions of a game changer News

Confessions of a game changer

There is innovation and creativity in all kinds of crisis – and yes Covid-19 is therefore a game changer! We must look at it with positive eyes as much as we can and look for opportunities – also for the good or maybe as a helper that forces you into…