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Confessions of a game changer

There is innovation and creativity in all kinds of crisis – and yes Covid-19 is therefore a game changer! We must look at it with positive eyes as much as we can and look for opportunities – also for the good or maybe as a helper that forces you into the future.

The team was ready with the whole set-up, as we usually do. Ready to pack the trade fair equipment and create the most innovative Danish joint stand at this year's BioFach in Nuremberg, the world's leading trade fair for organic food. Maybe we could have figured it out: That Covid-19 would also put an end to our "business as usual" – but still it came as a “arrrrgggggghhh”.

Twist and turn

We are brave optimists. Also, when terms change. It simply lies in our DNA as representatives of the organic movement. We are used to turn and twist, so when BioFach was physically canceled, we packed the trade fair equipment back in the warehouse and got busy.

Because we could not just stand there with nothing when Denmark is the world leading organic nation - and leave the companies behind to solve this important matter themselves. It would cost both leads, network, and revenue. Years of hard work in the international markets could, at worst, be lost.

The idea for a digital exhibition stand was obvious. But could the idea carry? First and foremost, we needed the support of the exhibiting companies. Fortunately, most were ready to take a new path with us. Next, we had to find a technological solution that could work and not least continue the innovative approach to brand Danish organics worldwide.

@Cadpeople created the platform, which I think you should experience, and which by far exceeded what we had first imagined could be done. The platform was interactive during the fair, so visiting buyers could click around the companies' product range, chat, and make appointments. We established an innovation zone and VIP customer meetings between Danish companies and foreign retail chains.

On the other side

Now we are on the other side and it is time to evaluate the effort. But what should we benchmark on? We have never tried it before. Cookies blocking and Google indexing prevented us from getting a true picture of how many visitors we have had or could have had. In return, we know that the nearly 400 visitors all had a relevant errand and did not come by just to get a free tasting or to sell something.

So, we also have a different mindset than the one that only relates to the measurable. We believe that if you take the lead and break with business as usual it will result in immeasurable knowledge and experience in a time where the alternative was to do nothing. In 2022, we are ready with a first mover setup - by that time, we will experience a demand to mix the physical with the digital.

The confession of a game changer must be that we work for organic and for the Danish organic companies and we will do anything in our power to achieve the outcome: leads, contacts, turnover and network and if we take the first step and you follow, we can make sure that organic is part of the solution!

“Obstacles are the things you see when you remove your eyes from the target” (Henry Ford)

Take care and stay safe!

Best regards,

Pernille Bundgård
International Market Director
Organic Denmark