Danes are second to none when it comes to buying organics

Danes are second to none when it comes to buying organics Press
Danes are second to none when it comes to buying organics

The sale of organic food in Denmark has reached an extraordinary tipping point. New figures from Organic Denmark shows that the majority of Danes now buy organic food every single week. Denmark thereby underlines its position as the world leading organic nation.

Never before have so many Danes added organic products to the shopping cart on such a regular basis. In 2017, more than half of the Danes – more specifically 51.4 percent – bought organic food every single week. This shows the latest figures from Organic Denmark. 

New figures show a total growth in the organic food sale in Denmark in 2017 of 31 percent. Denmark was the first country in the world to cross the magical line of 10 percent of the organic market share. The organic share of the total food sale reached 13.3 percent in 2017. 

- We knew we had passed the 10 percent line, but a 13.3 percent organic market share is completely amazing, and we are over the moon about this jump. The new figures are a solid indication that organics in Denmark has become mainstream and to a large extend appeals to every Dane. The Danish consumers are conscious that they can affect the food production through their shopping habits, says Pernille Bundgård, International Market Director in Organic Denmark.

The average annual organic consumption per Dane is now 335 euro. The largest growth is in organic fruit and vegetables, meat, chicken and seafood.

Organic oatmeal has outpaced conventional oatmeal

- Another development that underlines the Danes’ dedication to organic products is that many products have now achieved a very high organic market share. For example, organic oatmeal has now outpaced conventional oatmeal and today more or less all baby food that the Danish consumers buy is organic.  
Carrots, yogurt, bananas, eggs, pasta and flour are also well on their way up, says Pernille Bundgård and points out that more and more Danish grocery stores have now chosen to sell solely organic variants of certain products.

A thousand new farmers go organic

- The Danish farmerslisten to the increasing demand. Approximately 1,000 farmers are now either brand new as organic farmers or they are about to convert to organic production. At the same time, the Danish organic manufactures and companies are constantly developing new and innovative organic products and on top of that, the grocery stores are also expanding their selection of organic products. The Danes acknowledge this by adding even more types of organic products to their shopping cart. So, it is a self-perpetuating effect and a solid momentum in the market, which will continue to push the sale of organic products further in the years to come.

About Organic Denmark

Organic Denmark is an association of companies, organic farmers and consumers in Denmark. With 217 organic member companies, Organic Denmark represent essentially the entire organic food industry in Denmark.

The organic market shares of selected products:

Oatmeal                                        52,3 %              
Carrots                                         42,3 %
Yoghurt                                         38,8 %              
Eggs                                             32,6 %              
Milk                                              31,6 %
Bananas                                       30,6 %              
Flour                                            30,1 %
Oranges                                       27,7 %
Pasta                                           27,0 %
Butter                                          16,4 %
Apples                                         16,2 %
Muesli                                          13,3 %
Ketchup                                         8,7 %
Beef                                              8,6 %
Coffee                                           7,0 %
Rye bread                                      4,5 %
Poultry                                           4,1 %
Pork                                               3,5 %

For further information:

Pernille Bundgård, International Market Director, Organic Denmark, +45 60 59 53 13, pbs@okologi.dk 
Joachim Kjeldsen, Press Officer, Organic Denmark, +45 30 54 39 30, jkj@okologi.dk