First Michelin restaurant awarded organic eating label

First Michelin restaurant awarded organic eating label News
First Michelin restaurant awarded organic eating label

GOLD FOR RESTAURANT RELÆ: First Michelin restaurant awarded organic eating label The Organic cuisine Label - Det Økologiske Spisemærke - is found at more than 400 eating venues in Denmark, and now the first ever Michelin restaurant can boast the label. On 19 May, Restaurant Relæ was presented with the 'gold' organic cuisine label, which documents that 90-100 percent of the food and drink they serve is organic.

From Sunday 19 May, Restaurant Relæ in Copenhagen can boast of having yet another exclusive rating. In addition to its Michelin star, the restaurant now meets the requirements for a gold organic eating label, documenting that its kitchen uses 90-100 per cent organic ingredients. This makes Restaurant Relæ the first Michelin restaurant ever to be awarded an organic eating label.

"We want to make the same demands on our suppliers as we believe our guests should make of us when they dine out, and of their local supermarket when they shopping. Good raw ingredients must be organically produced while taking ethics, quality and nature into account," says Christian Puglisi, owner and head chef at Restaurant Relæ.

Gold labels all round

Restaurant Relæ's sister restaurant on Jægersborggade, Manfreds & Vin, has devoted all its energies to organic cooking, and is therefore also being awarded the gold organic eating label.

"Given the extensive routines, experience and skills we have acquired in the kitchen, we see no alternative but to throw ourselves into ensuring that all the ingredients we serve on both sides of Jægersborggade are completely organic," says Christian Puglisi.

More than 400 restaurants with the label

"It is very good news that the gastronomic elite is also embracing the organic approach as it will hopefully encourage even more restaurants to aspire to being awarded the organic eating label," says Dorthe Kloppenborg, project manager at Organic Denmark, who has advised the two restaurants on working with organics.

Today, more than 400 restaurants, cafés, canteens and institutions etc. in Denmark have the organic eating label.

"An increasing number of people are acknowledging that having an organic kitchen helps to signal a responsible and caring approach to the world at large and boost the bottom line. This is a very positive development, and one which is helping to promote organics - for the sake of us all, the countryside and animal welfare," says Dorthe Kloppenborg.

The organic eating labels are awarded to restaurants, cafés, canteens and institutional kitchens, and serve to rubber stamp each kitchen's use of organics and to show how much of the kitchen's food is organic.

The organic cuisine label:

  • Bronze: 30-60 % organic
  • Silver: 60-90 % organic
  • Gold: 90-100 % organic

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