High&GoGo Milk Powder from DENPS

High&GoGo Milk Powder from DENPS Product News
High&GoGo Milk Powder from DENPS

Clean recipe: a clean environment, clean ingredients, and clean formulation.

Food for healthy and balanced growth 

High&GoGo Milk Powder supports the growth of children aged 3 to 14. 99% of the product is composed of Organic Milk Powder from Danish clean organic dairy. The remaining is Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP) extracted from organic colostrum and scientifically formulated vitamins and minerals for balanced nutrition.

Since it is hard to acquire complete and balanced nutrition from daily meals, it may replenish insufficient nutrients for healthy growth.

An eco-friendly product that concerns food safety and hygiene

We do not add any artificial sweetener, coloring, and preservatives that may harm children’s health. The product is in environmentally friendly paper packaging with separate individual sachets for more hygienic storage and easier to consume. We allow only clean food to be served to your precious little one.