Organic brands of discounters benefit from inflation

Organic brands of discounters benefit from inflation News on the German organic market
Organic brands of discounters benefit from inflation

Organic food is experiencing a paradigm shift. Last year, traditional organic supermarkets and natural food shops faced a decline in sales of around 18 percent, while discounters saw an increase of over 11 percent in organic products. Recent news shows how the playing field is changing.

This is how the organic trade responds
 A statement of intent to fight Lidl & Co.: Alnatura launches its own discount price brand "Prima! Alnatura".

And this is how the discounters respond 
The Edeka discounter Netto is having difficulties establishing its new organic brand "Naturkind" as a "specialist organic brand" in the shops. Therefore, Netto (without dog) will probably rely more on its established own organic brand "BioBio" for vegetables and meat again.

Aldi Süd has introduced the new organic own brand "Nur Nur Natur", which promises high-quality organic ingredients, gentle processing and Naturland certification. Aldi Nord, on the other hand, continues to rely on the brand "Gut Bio" and is planning to introduce selected products with Naturland certification, leading to confusion in the discounters' organic assortment.

Aldi takes another step towards a more sustainable and fairer economy and is the first retailer to sign the declaration of intent of the 'Fair and Ecological Market Economy' (FÖM) alliance.

Even in times of crisis: Farmers and food producers switch to organic farming

Green light for animal husbandry logo  
When buying meat in the supermarket, a state logo is also to indicate the form of animal husbandry in future.

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