Pul Biber by Mill & Mortar

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Pul Biber by Mill & Mortar

PUL BIBER chili flakes have a vibrant red color and a mild and fruity taste with subtle notes of cumin. Also known as Aleppo pepper, Pul Biber is often used as a table spice in Turkey. The red chili is dried and the seeds are taken out before being crushed into beautiful red flakes. Pul Biber belongs to the milder varieties of chili, rating only 5-10,000 on the Scoville scale. Sprinkle directly onto food or add during cooking. 


Mill & Mortar is a Danish spice company offering you organic, estate, and wild-harvested spices of the highest quality. You can find our spices and snacks in speciality shops, delicatessens, top food halls, and supermarkets. Check out our full line of products at millmortar.com. We select classic and exotic spices from around the world for all kinds of cooking. Most come from small farming cooperatives in Sri Lanka that cultivate their small, organic forest gardens to produce spices of excellent quality. While the Sri Lankan spices are the core of our basic spices, you can also marvel over our exquisite Spanish paprikas and saffron, our selection of spices from around the world, as well as the “salts” of the dessert kitchen: liquorice and vanilla. Our delicious spice blends make it easy for you to pack your everyday cooking with new, unexpected flavour profiles. Here, both classic and new flavour combinations and techniques are at play. The blends are all based on spices and herbs of our expected outstanding quality and origins. Almost all are organic. FUSION spice blends distinguish themselves by being salt-free, gluten-free, and additive-free: you are buying pure spices.

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