Export of Danish organics sets record for the tenth time

Export of Danish organics sets record for the tenth time News
Export of Danish organics sets record for the tenth time

The export of Danish organics has once again set a record. The export of organics reached in 2015 approximately 270 million EUR, an increase of 15 percent compared to the year before, according to Statistics Denmark. Organic Denmark/Økologisk Landsforening raises estimates for Danish organic exports to 470 million EUR in 2020.

Raw Snacks er en af de danske virksomheder, der mærker den stigende interesse for dansk økologi fra udlandet. Virksomheden forventer at syvdoble sin eksport næste år.

Danish organic products are in demand on foreign markets, newly announced numbers from Statistics Denmark show. In 2015, Danish organic products amounting to 267 million EUR were exported. This is an increase of 15 percent in one year, and sets a new record for Danish organic exports for the tenth year in a row.

- The demand for organics is on the rise globally and more and more retail chains and wholesalers are turning their eyes towards Denmark. There is a lot of interest in how we have achieved the highest organic market share in retail, and our organic companies create interest with intensive product development and decades-long experience with organics. For those reasons, Danish organics are very popular on the nearest export markets such as Germany and Sweden, but sales are also increasing in markets from China to Dubai, says Helene Birk, International Marketing Director in Organic Denmark.

Growing export of organics creates green growth

The large foreign demand for Danish organics is driving growth and job creation in the green sector in Denmark, Helene Birk points out.

- Every time a Swede, a German or a Chinese puts an organic product from Denmark in the shopping basket, it contributes to a greener and eco-friendlier direction of the Danish food industry and agriculture. That is good for our environment, nature and clean water in Denmark, she says and is happy that this development seems to be ongoing.

- Export of Danish organics is increasing at a higher speed than we expected some years ago. Now, we expect the export to reach 470 million EUR in 2020. That is 67 million EUR more than our latest estimate. Danish farmers are reacting to the market and at the moment are converting to organics with record speed. However, the rising import of organic fruit and vegetables reveals that Danish agriculture on this area is lacking behind with the conversion, says Helene Birk.



Organic breast milk substitute had the most significant growth

Germany is still the largest export market for Danish organic companies while the export to the second-largest export country, Sweden, has risen significantly with 35 percent in 2015. At the same time, the export to China has tripled and thus is now the third-largest export country.

Organic breast milk substitute from the Danish dairy company Arla to China is responsible for the largest part of the growth in the period while organic fruit, vegetables and meat also increased significantly.

New company expects sevenfold increase of export

The  young Danish company Raw Snacks, which produces organic snack bars, is one of the innovative Danish companies, that feels the demand from abroad.

- Our export has risen significantly this year, and in 2017 alone, we further expect a sevenfold increase of the export. With support from Organic Denmark, we have succeeded in getting a big national contract with a supermarket chain in Germany. This was our ultimate goal right from the beginning, and it will raise our export markedly, says Ronni Hvid, Export Manager at Raw Snacks.

The Danish import of organic products also rose in 2015 – with 24 percent.

Read more about the new export numbers (in Danish) at Statistics Denmark.