Sparkling Tea LYSERØD: The new alcohol-free alternative!

Sparkling Tea LYSERØD: The new alcohol-free alternative! Product News
Sparkling Tea LYSERØD: The new alcohol-free alternative!

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company has since 2017 provided the market, including some of World’s best restaurants, with unique high-quality low-/non-alcoholic sparkling alternatives. Sparkling Tea is based on up to 13 different teas in one bottle, which are hand brewed and combined with a dash of grape must or riesling. 

In September 2019 they added a new addition to their selection - Sparkling Tea LYSERØD (0% alc). The idea of LYSERØD is based on a dialogue with some of their top restaurants, who expressed a wish for a greater use of Sparkling Tea on their menu, specifically the savory kitchen. This resulted in the driest version of Sparkling Tea to date. However, still with a smooth texture from the white Silver Needle tea, high complexity thanks to Oolong tea, and finally discrete notes of fruit from Hibiscus and First Flush Darjeeling Tea. It is the perfect aperitif or paired with light savory dishes of fish and seafood, in particular oysters.  

Come by the Organic Denmark stand and meet the guys from Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, while you have a taste of their new Sparkling Tea LYSERØD. You can also see the bottles at the Novelty Stand, where you can vote for them as the Product of the Year.

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