The hottest trends from the world’s biggest organic fair

The hottest trends from the world’s biggest organic fair News
The hottest trends from the world’s biggest organic fair

Ginger is the big trend among organic vegetables, the health wave dominates the range of organic products and organic products are for everybody. Futurologist, Birthe Linddal, and chief consultant at Organic Denmark, Helle Bossen, are spotting global organic trends at the world’s biggest organic fair in Nuremberg.

The health wave makes its mark on the increasing global products on offer of organic goods. Superfoods like acai-, goji- and aroniabeeries, wheat grass and matcha as well as raw food, protein bars and sugar reduced products can be found everywhere in the big halls at the world’s biggest organic fair, BioFach in Nuremberg. Futurologist, Birthe Linddal and chief consultant at Organic Denmark Helle Bossen are spotting global organic trends.

- We know about the Danish consumers, that health is one of the major motivators to buy organic groceries. A healthy lifestyle and organic products goes hand in hand, also internationally. In general it can be observed that new health concept are organic concepts. Developing a new product, which for instance contains a high share of antioxidants of superfoods, it´s implicit that it has to be a pure product and free of pesticides and artificial additives. The naturalness is written in capital letters, says Helle Bossen.

Organic ginger is the new big trend

Helle Bossen as well as Birthe Linddal announce ginger to be the hottest organic vegetable of the year. The small bulb, which is praised because of its health constitutional effects, is used in a wide range of new organic products by companies in several countries. Of course ginger is to be found at the Danish joint stand: Naturfrisk presents their new ginger shot and DAVA Foods present their new organic protein drink with ginger taste.

They are part of the 49 organic producers, setting a record in export approach for Danish organic products, organized by Organic Denmark.

Organic produce is cool

One of the many trends at this year’s fair is the fact, that ecology is accessible for everybody and addresses the younger costumers more and more, explains futurologist Birthe Linddal.

- The organic movement used to be nearly a holy thing just for more mature consumers. These times are over. Sustainability is part of a future orientated and innovative lifestyle. It is cool trying to save the world and being a conscious consumer. Having a green lifestyle is cool, says Birthe Linddal and explains that this development can be seen in the packaging design.  

- The packaging is becoming funkier, and carries a happy expression and humorous messages. In the old days organic packaging was just brown and practical. Now they are colorful with cool slogans, explains Birthre Linddahl adding the fact, that is has become easier to live ecological.

- More and more organic solutions are entering the market making it easier to live a healthy organic life, being respectful to the environment, the animals and our own health, despite busy schedules. For instance, a lot of convenience products, like baking and bread mixes, are entering the market.

In 2014 organic goods were sold for a value of 80 billion dollar worldwide. That correlates to an increase of eleven percent within a year. Denmark is the world’s leading organic nation with the highest share of organic goods having an organic share of 7,6 percent of the total grocery consumption.