The Milk Bottle

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The Milk Bottle

Bottles are inspired by the milk bottles of the past, which now adorn modern kitchens in many reproductions. A memory of a bygone era, where you knew exactly where the ingredients, in this case, the milk, came from and where the bottleā€™s recycling was a natural part of everyday life. 

With thoughts on the milk bottle, the idea for Bottles was formed during a cosy family dinner.

Crisp Bread Bottle

Bottle crispbread is rich in three different seeds and is uniquely crisp and delicious. Bottle crispbread does not crumble when you bake it, but it gets a smooth and lovely surface whether you choose to make it very thin or slightly thicker - like a biscuit. One bottle makes 2-3 roasting trays of crispbread.

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