Why organic brings private label to the top

Why organic brings private label to the top Press
Why organic brings private label to the top

Although the PLMA in December 2021 must be postponed again, Organic Denmark offers retailers the possibility to get in direct contact with Danish organic companies. At www.organicdenmark.com, there are numerous offers for information and dialogue about companies, products and concepts. 

Organic Denmark is the association of Danish organic producers, farmers and consumers. International Market Director Pernille BundgÄrd explains: "In order to create highly developed organic products, good basic products such as flour, milk or fruit must already be available. Denmark has laid this foundation over the past 30 years. This means that Danish companies can already go a step further and develop products in new categories and for niches. Even though we cannot meet in person in Amsterdam, we want to present which concepts are suitable for achieving high added value through sustainable and organic products."

Private label products are increasingly focusing on the current dominant issue of sustainability in the food sector. Retail companies use their private labels to communicate their values to consumers and to differentiate themselves from the competitors. If the products offer added value, they are the best instrument for customer loyalty. The condition is that they emerge from the me-too product phase and have at least the same degree of innovation as national brands.

Private label and organics

Private labels are also developing successfully in the organic segment. In Denmark, the most developed organic market in the world, private labels have a prominent place in the classic food retail sector. Where the Danes do their daily shopping, they find a large variety of organic products. The organic market share of 12.8 percent is the highest in the world.

As consumers demand organic food in more and more product categories, Danish producers are developing more and more innovative and new organic products. The trend is towards a wider choice and more specialised products, such as plant-based foods, snacks, beverages, confectionery or ice cream varieties.