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Blueberry Smoothie Snacks

Blueberry Smoothie Snacks are crispy snacks made of 100% pure fruit. They have a yummy, sweet and rounded taste. Just like a ripe blueberry. Sweet, but with only 55 calories per bag.

  • Satisfies the craving for something sweet – yet healthy
  • Only 55 calories per pouch
  • Ready to eat anywhere and everywhere

Free from gluten

Free from milk, lactose and egg

No added sugar

No added salt

No additives, colourants or preservatives


To make a bag of Blueberry Smoothie Snacks we use:

Half a banana, one fourth of an apple, five blueberries – and absolutely nothing else!


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65% organic banana puree

25% organic apple puree

10% organic blueberry puree