DAVA Foods

DAVA Foods

At DAVA Foods, we are all about eggs. DAVA Foods is Scandinavian market leader in the egg category and a leading company when it comes to food safety and innovation around eggs and egg products.

This is because, to us, an egg is so much more than an eggs – it has many facets. Our product range shows this.

Under the brand DAVA, we supply organic shell eggs to both retail, food service and industry. With our brand whitePRO, we offer organic protein supplements made from 100% pure egg whites which have been heat-treated to be shelf stable at room temperature up to 5 months without preservatives or additives.

Regardless of which product we develop, quality and food safety remain crucial concepts in our HACCP-based quality management system. Furthermore, all Danish organics eggs supplied by DAVA Foods are guaranteed to have come from hens that been reared organically and have access to outdoor areas in the whole rearing period.

This company delivers: