Frankly Juice

Frankly Juice

Frankly Juice was established in 2014 with the simple mission of offering transparency and honesty to people, when it comes to what they consume. From their passion towards health, Christian Seiersen and Christian Bowall decided to develop a new juice concept which would keep all the nutrients and minerals from the fruits and vegetables. After a period of hard work, they created organic juices which contain just the raw products, cold pressed. The concept is based around a unique collaboration with Aarstidene, who is providing Frankly Juice with organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. This way, the juices vary all around the year and the majority of the fruits and vegetables used, can be found within the nearest reach. In order to meet their customers’ needs they produce both premium juices and ginger shots which are HPP (High Pressure Processing) treated, and a product line of ginger shots which are served in glass bottles leaving a shelf life of 12 months from date of production, making these high end shots ideal for export.

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