GASA Nord Grønt

GASA Nord Grønt

Gasa Nord Grønt is the leading supplier of fruit and vegetables produced in Denmark. We supply fresh products to the Nordic retail and foodservice markets – delivered directly from the individual producers. Our company is rooted in agricultural cooperative principles and is owned by more than 40 Danish fruit and vegetables growers. We are proud to offer a wide range of products, covering almost the entire spectrum of Nordic-produced fruit and vegetables. Danish vegetables are renowned for their high quality and sustainable production. Our Nordic climate and rich soil allows us to produce a great variety of fruit and vegetables packed with flavour and nutrients, spanning all seasons. As a proud agricultural nation, we always produce with care and have very high standards in terms of sustainable and organic production.

Danish fruits and vegetables are known for their high quality and food safety. Through our quality management system, we work dedicated to comply with the highest international standards within food production making sure that all our products meet the necessary documentation requirements. All our Danish Growers are certified within the GlobalG.A.P. and GRASP standards. This means that we guarantee international standards within food safety, traceability and sustainable production while also ensuring healthy and socially responsible working conditions for the employees.

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Torben Nissum Schmidt

Torben Nissum Schmidt

Head of international sales

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