International Decision Makers

International Decision Makers
Organic Denmark for international buyers

We help international buyers to develop their organic assortments, increase their organic sales and meet the consumers growing demand for safe, healthy, and sustainable food worldwide. 

Organic Denmark is the export team of the Danish National Organic Association. We have successfully brought together the entire organic sector in Denmark comprising more than 200 companies that delivers to retail and foodservice. We have established an export site where you can find relevant products and companies online. The export site allows International decision makers to have direct access to innovative Danish suppliers that deliver a wide-range of organic product assortments with a high-level of food quality, safety, and sustainability.

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Strategy and values
Organic Denmark is an interest organisation (NGO) for everyone who is passionate about organics. The association is rooted in organic farming and is continuously working on the development and promotion of organic products, ensuring strong interest among the members and supporting their transformation towards ecological sustainability. We believe in the strength of diversity, and we embrace everyone who wants more and better organic products. Our members are organic producers, companies selling organic products, professional kitchens and personal members.

We envision a sustainable world where organic products contribute sufficient quantities of food and other goods locally and globally. In organic food production, we are constantly promoting soil fertility, animal welfare, biodiversity, natural content, climate, the environment and health.

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Upcoming events and activities

Upcoming Activities and Events

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3. september 2021
French supermarket chain, E.Leclerc Scamark, comes to Denmark and participates in export workshop  
13. oktober 2021
Kick off Nordic Organic Food Fair
11. november 2021
Kick off PLMA
17.-18. nov 2021
Fællesstand på Nordic Organic Food Fair  i Malmø
14.-15. dec 2021
Fællesstand på PLMA i Amsterdam
15.-18. feb 2022
Fællesstand på BioFach i Nuremberg sammen med Bio Aus Dänemark

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Previous events and activities
30 Jan 2020
Market Director Michael Langberg gives a presentation on Ecology 3.0 at the Eco-gala in Stockholm, including the celebration of the Ø brand's 30th anniversary
13 Feb 2020
Former Policy Director, Paul Holmbeck, has a meeting with the EU Commission on how the EU can develop both organic production and sales
02 Juli 2020
Former Policy Director Paul Holmbeck gives a presentation at the Europeam Organic Congress 2020 entitled "Organic in Action: The power of a good plan"

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Customized services for your company

Are you missing a report that we do not have on the shelf? Or maybe you need a new angle on the assortment strategy that can boost your organic sales? Now you can draw on Organic Denmark's expertise and have it tailored to your business. Here are some of the services we can offer for your company:

  • Customized market reports   
  • Guided tour in Denmark   
  • Strategy for developing your organic categories and assortment – where and how do you start
  • Increase visibility of your organic assortment and categories
  • Good, better, best – a program Organic Denmark has developed with focus on organic for all. Click here to learn more

If you want to know more about the Danish market, Organic Denmark is able to offer you the following alternatives:

  • A quick overview of the Danish organic market: Danish Organic Market Report, the report is available in English and you can download it here (Price: 250.00,- EUR)
  • A Go-to-market report with expanded introduction to the retailers and wholesalers with contact information (Price: 1000.00,- EUR) 
  • Comprehensive insights in the Danish retail and wholesaler landscape including a guided tour  (from € 3000.00,- EUR excluding travel and accommodation)

We have extensive knowledge of organic sales, extensive experience with contact establishment, network activities, press / PR, dissemination of organic messages and presentations. Write to Pernille Bundgård and briefly describe what you need. We will return soon with a proposal and price.