LA International ApS

LA International ApS

We believe 21st-century brands need to have more than a fancy brand story. Consumers have become savvy and are increasingly aware of marketing fluff. It's no longer an option to say you are sustainable and hope consumers buy into it or hope they will overlook taste in favour of health. Today's winning brands must truly add value to consumers and retailers alike with transparency. That's exactly what the LA international portfolio of brands offers. Our brand portfolio offers consumers and partners sustainable choices while bringing real category-driving innovation.

Earth's Finest is a carbon neutral, health & well-being brand with a wide range of products from organic coconut milk to quinoa, chia seeds, virgin coconut oil, tea, vinegar and Himalayan salts. Every product in our portfolio has a rigorous quality assurance program that offers superior taste compared to market-leading non-organic brands. Backed by a strong consumer proposition, our products provide exceptional value to retailers and distributors alike. We have an excellent track record of driving category growth and value in retailers such as Carrefour, Waitrose and Spinneys.

LivOn! is the world's first antioxidant coffee brand. Through a unique process, we maximise the antioxidants in every cup of coffee, bringing real innovation to the coffee category. In addition, our products are packaged in sustainable materials, minimising the environmental footprint. Having launched in 2021, we are now working with retail partners in several markets to build a coffee plus category.

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