Since 2016 Læsk has grown to be one of the leading Scandinavian kombucha brands with one of the best tasting kombuchas in the world. Læsk found that the key to more flavor and less sugar is fermentation. The fermentation process unlocks flavor and complexity, significantly reduces sugar content and adds live organic acids. Kombucha is a difficult product to get right and not all kombuchas are created equal. At Læsk we strive to make the best tasting and consistent kombucha on the market. Its tasty balance between sweet- and-sour is like no other. It is unpasteurized and low in sugar.

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Mette Thygesdatter Pedersen

Mette Thygesdatter Pedersen

Sales Director

Whatsapp: (+45) 22631589

Phone: (+45) 22631589

Email: mette@laesk.dk

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