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Spices from the year's harvest that look, smell, and taste as they did when they were harvested. We follow the spices from year to year and so buy only small quantities to ensure we can deliver the freshest product possible. 

Spices with an origin that lets us know how and where the spices were cultivated and processed. We know the spices have been grown with great respect, without exhausting the resources of the land or harming people, animals, or other eco-systems.

Unique products that tell stories about the people who work with great pride to create them. We prefer to work with the same farmers year after year and try to make raw materials and products a little better each year. Many raw ingredients are bought according to Fair Trade principles, which provide greater revenue for the farmers and, in fact, promote better product quality.

Exquisite and optimal packaging that ensures the spices maintain their oils and aromas from field to kitchen (remember: always keep your spices dark, dry, and air tight).

Organic and sustainable farming. The vast majority of our products are organic. Fortunately, excellent quality is usually synonymous with organic farming principles. Some suppliers, however, are too small to have certified products, but are still able to meet our strict requirements. 

Flavour above all else.

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Hanne Goertz

Exportchef/Export Manager

Phone: (+45) 31 31 43 51


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