Northern Greens A/S

Northern Greens A/S

Since 2017, we have created organic liquid herbs to make food taste better in a simple, sustainable, and delicious way.

It all started with the good friends Michael and Troels wanting to create an urban garden. As their garden grew, their irritation over wasted, withered herbs grew along with it. They were overwhelmed until suddenly the idea arose to make liquid herbs. After many experiments and an investment from Danish TV show Dragons’ Den, we are sitting here today with the perfect liquid herbs - if we must say so ourselves. And we have as many as 11 different varieties of them.

We chop the herbs gently and mix them with sea salt and organic vinegar. That’s it! It’s an old trick and a natural way to preserve fresh food. Without any extra hocus pocus, the liquid herbs can last for two years - even after opening. They also do not need to be refrigerated. Leave them on your kitchen table, so the fresh taste is always at hand.

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Søren Terndrup Hansen

Søren Terndrup Hansen

Sales Director Retail

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