Nykur Spirits

Nykur Spirits

The Nordic Legend of Nykur

Nykur, a mythical beast of Faroese folklore, appears in the shape of a shimmering grey horse emerging from the depths of Faroe’s lakes. Its beauty tempts weary travellers to mount or pet it. Once they do, they stick fast, trapped as Nykur drags them to a watery grave. To break the spell, call out its name — NYKUR. Enjoy the purity of Nykur Vodka but stay alert. Nykur’s spirit lives in every bottle. When its power takes hold, shout out loud — NYKUR.

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Mattias Longaa

Mattias Longaa

Key Account Manager

Phone: (+46) 72182 5320

Email: mattias@nykur.com

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