Organic Cuisine Label

Organic Cuisine Label

January 2020

In 2009, The Ministry of Food Agriculture and Fisheries introduced labels for the marketing of organic food in large-scale kitchens, restaurants, cafés, hospitals, schools and larger businesses. 10 years later, 3,250 eating places use the Organic Cuisine Label.

The Organic Cuisine Label is a free state-controlled labelling scheme for eateries. The Organic Cuisine Label shows the total share (in %) of organic raw ingredients and beverages used in preparing the entire menu. Both public and private eateries can be certified under the Organic Cuisine Label scheme. 

The Organic Cuisine Label is available in three versions; Gold (90-100%), Silver (60-90%) and Bronze (30-60%).

Denmark has a long tradition of having a public food control system - from “farm to fork” - that is important for the high confidence that consumers have in the organic control system and organic products.

A popular and well known organic label

Displayed by 3,250 eating places like cafés, restaurants and public kitchens, the Organic Cuisine Label is becoming increasingly popular, and it is only expected to increase in the coming years. 

The positive development is ascribable, in part, to the ever higher food quality standards expected by the Danes. They want pure ingredients produced with due consideration for the natural world, the environment and the animals. Therefore, they want organic products – also when eating out.