DAVA Foods

Organic Mayonnaise with Piquant 200 ml.

A delicious and tasty organic mayonnaise produced from the finest quality ingredients; organic rapeseed oil and egg yolks from eggs laid by organic hens. 

Our aim has been to create a high- quality mayonnaise which is just like the variety that one might make at home. Among other things, this requires fresh egg yolks and lots of care and attention throughout the production process. The result is a mayonnaise with a smooth, creamy texture and a natural yellow colour which is obtained from the organic egg yolks and rapeseed oil.


Contact company directly: jma@davafoods.com

Phone: (+45) 2333 4860

Basic info

Produced in: Denmark, with eggs from within the DAVA Foods group
Storage: Room temperature. After opening: max. 5 °C