Mission & vision

Mission & vision

Organic Denmark is Denmark’s only independent organic voice. We work 100% for organics and always with the interests of organics in mind.

Organic Denmark's office in Aarhus, Denmark.

Organic is part of the solution

Organic Denmark has high ambitions for organics and we believe organic is an important part of the solution to several of the world's sustainability challenges. Therefore, we work hard to develop and deliver organic solutions to the climate and biodiversity challenges the world is facing.

Our goal is that in 2030, organics will make up 30 percent of the Danish farming area and 30 percent of the Danish food consumption.

Vision (our dream)

A world that thinks and acts organically – to the delight of human beings, animals and our earth.

Mission (our task)

We pave the way for more and better organics – using new solutions, cooperation and notable representation of interests.