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Perfect Day (LovmandArt Edition)

About the Artist

Camilla Lovmand is an artist based in Aarhus, and she wants to make everyone reflect and create a conversation about diversity, body ideals and our relationship to our own bodies.

Through conversation and reflection on art, she hopes to be able to contribute to us loving ourselves, just a little more. The illustrations, drawings and paintings are made with a little twist of humour, which can hopefully start the conversation up and contribute to a positive mindset.

About the Design

The design is made based on the name of the bottle, Perfect Day. The motive is LovmandArt Girls on an absolutely perfect day - surrounded by the scent, the pleasure and the ingredients in the bottle. The motif is hand-drawn by Camilla Lovmand, and coloured with watercolour, in strong contrasts that come from the apples and the mint, and the body shades. Of course, the whole is created with the common purple colour that connects LovmandArt and Ægte Studio to a universe.

Apple, Mint, Tea & Verbena

Bottled by: Skanderborg Bryghus A/S

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Basic info

Net weight: 250 ml.
Produced: Denmark

Nutritional content pr. 100 g

Energy: 67 kcal per 100 ml.


carbonated water, tea, mint, apple, lemon zest, sugar, neutral alcohol, natural aroma, citric acid (E330) , **This product does not contain allergens and is free of GMO.