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Background information

About Organic Denmark

Organic Denmark is an association of companies, organic farmers and consumers in Denmark. With more than 200 organic member companies, Organic Denmark represents essentially the entire organic food industry in Denmark.

Organic Denmark is a non-profit organisation. We bring together international decision makers and producers of Danish organic products. Our aim is to inspire new ways of growing the organic market share.

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Denmark's organic farmland

  • Makes up 9,8% of the country's total agricultural land
  • Up to 257 thousand hectares of organic land in 2018, 5% increased between 2017 & 2018
  • Is farmed by almost 3,637 organic producers

The EU’s organic farmland

  • Makes up 7.7% of the EU’s total agricultural land
  • Increased by one million hectares in the EU (7.6%) between 2017 & 2018
  • Is farmed by almost 330,000 organic producers

Denmark's organic market  

  • The top organic consumer in the world, 11.5% of total retail sales is organic
  • Is valued at €1,807 million in 2018
  • With recorded annual growth of up to 13%
  • On average, Danes consumes €312 of organic food annually
  • 1,018 processors process organic food

The EU’s organic market  

  • Is the second largest single market for organic products
  • Is valued at 37.4 billion
  • Recorded a growth rate of 7.8% between 2017 & 2018
  • On average, an EU citizens consumes €76 of organic food annually
  • 71,000 processors process organic food
  • 5,000 importers make sure organic food flows in and out of the EU

source: IFOAM 2020

Facts & Figures

The Danish consumers are the most pro-organic consumers in the world. Read more information about Danish Organics here

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