REDUCED offers You natural and convenient flavour solutions of high quality based on upcycled ingredients from the food- and agriculture industry.

Our products are used in the Foodservice sector and in the Food industry on a daily basis and range from Flavour boostersStocks and Concentrates to ready-to-use Soups and Sauces.

The REDUCED mission is to Reduce Food Waste through craftsmanship and innovative biotechnology allowing us to make products of high quality on competitive terms. We assist our partners in reducing food waste by repurposing excess vegetables, protein, and other resources left over from food production processes.

REDUCED is based in Copenhagen, Denmark where we have our laboratory and our main production facilities. We work with Fermentation combined with other proven Biotech processes to get the most intense, versatile and delicious flavours out of the selected wastestreams. 

We will be happy to host you at our facilities and tell you more about how we can help you create even better food solutions in a highly sustainable way.

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Niels Skovby Jørgensen

Niels Skovby Jørgensen


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