The Danish organic label

The Danish organic label

The unique and governmentally certified Ø-label has been very important for the widespread success organic food products have achieved in Denmark. The Ø-label makes it easier to achieve several goals at the same time and it makes a difference.

Denmark was the first country in the world to implement a state control for organics. The governmental control was a crucial success factor for convincing Danish consumers about organics. Today, organic products that bear the red Ø-label are highly respected. In 2020, the Danish red Organic label celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Danes trust the red Ø-label

The department for organic products of The Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishery conducted a survey for learning about the knowledge and trust of the Danish citizens in the red organic Ø-label.

More than 95 per cent of the respondents said they know the organic label, which makes it the best-known labelling system in Denmark. Demographical factors such as sex, residence, age and buying habits played no important role. In addition, the survey revealed that around 90 per cent highly trust the Ø-label.

Strict regulations

In both Denmark and countries, we import organic products from, there is a long list of strict regulations that companies need to comply with if they process, pack, label or import organic products. For example, they must ensure that organic products are not coming into contact with non-organic products. If a company disregards this regulation, they can be fined or even lose their entitlement for the distribution of organic products.

Inspection from farm to fork

Organic production takes the greatest possible account of nature, the environment and animal welfare all the way from farm to fork. The Danish red Ø label as well as EU’s green organic logo are your guarantee of organic quality. The red label also guarantees that the regulation for organic production have been complied with.

Only authorities under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries carry out inspection under the government rules for organic production. The Danish AgriFish Agency inspects the primary production, while the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration inspects food companies. At least once a year, organic producers have inspection visits.

Source: Danish Veterinary and Food Administration: Organic food

Want to know more about Danish Organics

"en Grimme Ølling" has made a short film about the Danish red organic label in connection with the 30 years’ anniversary of the label. The film gives a portrait in words, sound and moving pictures of why Denmark today is the world leading organic nation. Read more at