The future of Danish organics

The future of Danish organics

11. May 2017 af: Louise Kaad-Hansen

Despite the financial crisis and the slowdown in the society in general, the future of Danish organics is looking bright: Organic market share has increased from 3.2% in 2005 to 9.6% in 2016.

Over the past years, all retail chains in Denmark have increased their selection of organic products. Combined with the increasing interest of consumers in animal welfare and clean, healthy quality food products, the extended range of organic products is believed to contribute to the increasing growth in the sale of organic products.

This phenomena states: Once you have tried organic products, you do not go back to conventional products. The decision of buying organic products is truly a conscious prioritisation of the consumer.

Consumer trends and expected behaviour

Denmark has the world's highest organic share and the most well-developed organic market. Hence, the Danish consumers are the most pro-organic consumers in the world. In 2016, every Dane spent about €269 on organic food, making Danish consumers the most organic in the world.

The Danish consumers are  demanding high quality goods. And as a result of the difficult economic period, consumers have also become more price-conscious. It is therefore important that the price difference between organic and conventional goods do not become too large.

Another new trend in the retail industry is that supermarkets have noticed that consumers show an increased interest in wanting to know the origins of the products they buy. As a result, supermarkets are now open to provide shelf space for smaller producers' products from the local area.