The Organic Energy Project 2

Forget everything you know about energy drinks!

Our second organic energy drink in the OE project!

This one is with Hibiscus tea, Rhubarb, Guaraná and Beetroot. A red and delicious energiser for everyday use

No added sugar!

100% Organic

No surprises!

All ingredients are natural and 100 % organic Why? Because we believe organic production is the best way to take care of both your body and our environment. No synthetic chemicals are released into the environment, which benefits waterways, wild animals, insects and farmers.Nor will they find their way to your body through our product


Contact company directly: Sune@noerrebrew.dk

Basic info

Net weight: 250 ml
Produced in: Austria


Organic Hibiscus tea

Organic Rhubarb juice

Organic Beetroot juice

Organic Guaraná

Organic Grapejuice

Citric Acid

Carbonated Water