Woodland Wonders Organic

Whole Milk Powder

Woodland Wonders Organic Instant Whole Milk Powder has a smooth full cream milk taste.

It is not only perfect for drinking, you can also use it for baking and cooking as well. 

Certified organic means: Milk from cows fed on grass pastures 60 percent of the time 

  • No pesticides 
  • No antibiotics 
  • No hormones 
  • No GMO 
  • EU & Danish organic certified 
  • KOSHER certified 
  • HALAL certified 

Denmark has very strict regulations surrounding the dairy industry. All Danish dairy farmers are controlled by the Danish government. Only acceptable methods and products can be used in the production and packing of milk powders.

Directions: For 1 liter of whole milk: Mix 100 g of Woodland Wonders instant full cream milk powder and 800 ml of water. Stir until the milk powder is completely dissolved.


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Basic info

Produced in: Denmark
Storage: Store cool and dry: 15-25°C.Use within 4 weeks after opening.

Nutritional content pr. 100 g

Energy: 2090 kJ/500 kcal
Fat: 26,5 g
Including saturated fatty acids: 16,7 g
Carbohydrate: 39,5 g
Of which sugars: 9,3 g
Dietary fiber: 9 g
Protein: 26 g
Salt: 0,9 g


Organic whole milk instant powder

Allergens: Contains milk